Letter to Governor Hogan- Template

Ally D'Ovidio News

The Honorable Larry Hogan
State of Maryland
State House
Annapolis, MD 21404


Dear Governor Hogan:

As a Maryland business owner, and as a proud member of Associated Builders and Contractors ______ Chapter (ABC), I fully support your veto of H.B. 1, the Maryland Working Families Act.  This legislation will have a negative impact on our business in Maryland and I therefore support your initiative to create a task force to gain insight from Maryland workers and businesses to further assist with developing a common sense compromise.

I was disappointed that the Legislature saw fit to single-out the construction industry for special treatment, and in fact, chose to exempt construction workers subject to a collective bargaining agreement.  It is startling that the General Assembly included this language in the final version of the bill when union construction workers only represent a 13% segment of our industry.

I am also concerned about my fellow smaller contractors who will be impacted by the 15 or more employee provision.  Our firm, as well as most other ABC member-firms already provide some form of leave for their employees but it will be difficult for us to comply with the onerous provisions in H.B. 1.  In fact, this legislation, as written, has the potential to cost our firm approximately $ _________.

Thank you for your continued commitment to make Maryland a more business friendly state.