2016 ABC Baltimore Board of Directors

Ally D'Ovidio

In accordance with the Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter’s Bylaws, Article IV, A.6A, the Chapter’s Nominating Committee herewith tenders the following slate of Officers and Directors for 2016.

BOARD CHAIR: Matthew Bolyard,
Southway Builders (general contractor)

1st VICE CHAIR: Mark McDaniel,
NLP Enterprises, Inc. (specialty contractor)

2nd VICE CHAIR: Vic Victoriano,
Skillforce, Inc. (associate)

SECRETARY: Shane Carmadella,
Ruppert Landscape, Inc. (specialty contractor)

TREASURER: Anita Sheckells,

Kearney, Drechsler & Awalt, LLC

PAST CHAIRMAN: Jeffrey Hargrave,
Mahogany, Inc. (general contractor/ specialty contractor)

Andra Cain, Cain Contracting (general contractor)
Craig Davis, DPR, Inc. (general contractor)
Martha Elliott, CAM Construction (general contractor); ex-officio member
Dave Jaques, Kane Construction (general contractor)
Ted Jasinski, Frederick Ward Associates (architect)
Larry Lopez, Green JobWorks, LLC (associate)
Eleni Marketis, Marketi Enterprises (specialty contractor)
Ross McCausland, BHC Architects (architect)
Frank Murphy, TISSA Enterprises, Inc. (TEI) (specialty contractor)
Rohit H. Patel, Intelect Corporation (specialty contractor)
Michael Wilmot, Wilmot Modular Structures, Inc. (supplier)

Additional nominees, other than those submitted by the nominating committee, may be included in the ballot, provided that prior consent of the nominee has been obtained and provided that the nominee’s name has been presented in writing prior to 30 days from today (January 28 ), and sponsored by five members in good standing in the Chapter. The general membership shall be notified of the revised slate by February 1, 2016